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    Namibia Travel Destination: Windhoek

    Welcome to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

    Windhoek sure is a city with an atmosphere of a town. It is undisputed in the heart of the country, home to virtually all industry, economy and socio-political activity.  Ranked 150th on the list of 243 smallest national capitals of the world surrounded by rolling mountains. Windhoek is small and relatively undeveloped even by Africa’s standards, but it is precisely that which makes it so alluring. While it has its fair share of contemporary office blocks and shopping centres, and a network of well maintained roads, its charm lies in its intimacy.

    Its abundance of historic buildings bear testimony to its German occupation, but it also enjoys a unique flavor, making it a vibrant and modern city increasingly popular among travelers in an ever growing tourism industry. Informal street markets which are very colourful and lively are interspersed among old colonial structures that today serve as administrative centres, offices and even retail outlets. This beautiful city has plenty of exciting things to do and definitely some amazing restaurants to enjoy and accommodation.  From Camping sites to Guesthouses, Backpackers to Hotels. Definitely anything that will suite your budget.

    Windhoek’s city centre has quite a few open air city markets where you can buy souvenirs. There are so much to choose from, like carefully handcrafted , local masks to any animal you can think of even little wooden land rovers and helicopters. The handmade Herero dolls add the most beautiful Herero dolls to these market stalls.
    The Namibian Craft centre is where you’ll find even more traditional Namibian crafts ranging from hand-carved tree roots to jewelry fashioned from copper and ostrich eggshell.

    One of the oldest buildings in Windhoek The Alte Feste and sites like the Heroes’ Acre. The Acre a memorabilia for Namibians about the pain of the past and the hope for a prosperous future. Also of interest is the White Obelisk in the city, a distinct landmark that is visible from the city centre. Windhoek has a lot of museums, Independence Memorial Museum, Geological Survey Museum to the Railway Museum,National Earth Sciences Museum where they spot colourful and sparkling minerals, fossils, meteorites, and other geological marvels.The famed ‘Chistuskirche’ is a very cherished landmark in the nation’s capital.

    One pub/ beer garden that must be on every tourists bucket list is the very famous Joe’s Beerhouse. Enjoy a hearty dinner which you will have a tremendous selection of game and conventional meat dishes and have a choice of a great selection of Namibian Beers while lanterns illuminate the open air (partially) dining area. It sure has a very unique ambiance and decor.

    You can also go on a little hike and enjoy stunning view over Windhoek from the famous Lover’s Hill or The Hofmeyer walk”.
    The hillside vegetation and cactus-like plants are just beautiful. There are guided tours who can tell you more about the comprehensive history of Windhoek and Namibia from colonial era to modern day. Cultural tours,Township Tours & San Skill Tour are some of your choices.

    Windhoek,is the gateway to the African adventures promised by the beautiful Atlantic coast,the enchanting Namibian desert and the wilderness beyond.

    Hope to see you soon!