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    Waterberg Plateau

    Namibia Travel Destination: Waterberg Plateau

    The Waterberg Plateau Park is a spectacular feature of the northern region. This enormous plateau, rising from the plains of the Omaheke Region, to a height of up to 200 metres above surrounding landscape. It is also fed by natural springs which is a luxuriant habitat and breeding ground for several rare game species.

    Amazing compressed orange red sandstone rocks with sheer cliffs and fascinating rock formation, the dense subtropical vegetation and the extraordinary views from the top are a must see for every tourist visiting this “Lost Eden” of Namibia! This region gets quite a lot more rainfall because of the elevated position of the Waterberg Plateau. Renting a vehicle can be a great adventure and will for sure give you much pleasure in the rainy seasons. You should, which we would recommend, have a four wheel drive vehicle if you do not want worst-case scenario, get stuck into that tempting muddy puddle.

    This wonderful wilderness and African wildlife in the National Park can be explored by foot which Resorts offers guided scenic walks and hikes or by vehicle, which can take you on guided game viewing excursions by tour guides.

    For the hiking enthusiast, there’s a fair bit of walking and scrambling up boulders and rocky paths. Comfortable hiking shoes and lots of water is recommended. When hiking do not be scared of the so called quintessential sounds of the African bush. The “wa-hu” shout of male baboons, often referred to as the “baboon bark”. They can move quickly through the trees and rocks squabbling. When you decide to go afternoon hikes your guided hikes will take you onto the plateau and will take you to enjoy a cultural visit to a Herero village where you can experience their everyday life, explore historic and archaeological sites. Learn about Namibia’s carnivores and their fight for survival, and the Human Wildlife conflict challenge that face both man and Carnivore at Okonjima, Home of the Africat Foundation.

    Activities are endless here. Not to be missed the is the fascinating Cheetah and Leopard Safaris. Encounter game such as giraffe, oryx and eland, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest and kudu on game drives.

    Amazing Rhino drives and fun Rhino tracking can be guided. An once in a lifetime journey and amazing memory. So we would encourage you to grab your binoculars, and spend a day on foot with a Professional tracker to get up close and personal with these impressive animals. You even might get face to face with a Rhino like the bushmen.

    When it comes to accommodation, you will find breathtaking safari lodges in the Waterberg area. Most lodges offer you a sparkling pools, air conditioned African themed rooms, dining and lounge area / restaurant , curio shops and Wi-Fi.
    For the more adventurous and a genuine overall safari experience, there are a handful secluded campsites and or tented camps available. Camping is an wonderful experience in Namibia and there is no denying that it does take plenty of planning. Well, there sure are so many ways to make camping less exhausting and something to look forward to. So please do not let that hold you back, let us at Namibia Destinations help you. Renting our off-road vehicles, fully-equipped with rooftop tents, kitchens and all the camping gear required for adventurer will make your trip to The Waterberg Plateau so much more memorable. Be a true fly and explore this exquisite majestic Plateau in the comfort of your own vehicle. You will be sure to have a true turnkey experience, because that is what can expect with one of our rentals.

    Your adventure awaits, just bring your backpack!