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    Swakopmund – known to be Namibia’s number one beach holiday destination! Maintaining the balance between a foggy Namibian coastal town and an old German colonial settlement, this town offers a unique experience and if the appeal doesn’t keep you the heaps of activities and places to visit will.
    The Mole is perhaps the most famous beach in Swakopmund, once a make-shift harbor, it is now one of the best recreational points in Swakopmund. It is a fantastic location to sun bathe, body board, swim out to the raft or occasionally play with the odd seal lounging nearby. Surrounded by cute coffee shops and relaxing restaurants the promenade creates an atmosphere where you can have an ice-cream on a bench and watch the people frolicking on the beach below and children playing in the playground or the fountain. Just behind the Mole and across from the municipal gardens lies the iconic Swakopmund lighthouse. After a scrumptious lunch at the lighthouse you can visit the museum below or buy a unique souvenir from one of the street vendors.

    It makes for a brisk and beautiful walk next to the sea as you follow the palm-laden promenade from the Mole to the Swakopmund Jetty. The Jetty is truly a breathtaking sight stretching out into the rough Atlantic Ocean that has led to its demise a few times over in history. With the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, this is one of the most awe-inspiring locations to watch the vibrant colourful sun set behind the fierce Atlantic horizon. Dinner will not be hard to find with the difficult choices of the jetty restaurant above the sea, The Tug restaurant beautifully shaped as a tug boat and the lively beach bar, Tiger Reef, nearby.

    Swakopmund boasts the national Marine Aquarium of Namibia where you and your family can walk through an underwater world to spot sharks, octopuses, rays, crabs, turtles, penguins, sea cucumbers, seals, shrimp, a variety of fish and a few marine birds. For a more slithery experience visit the snake park and see all types of snakes, lizards, scorpions and spiders. Camel and horse rides are also available a little bit out of town and Namib dunes provide a great playground for the more adventurous. Sand boarding, dune carting and quad biking are all great activities on the sand. For those that like the air go parachuting, paragliding, take a ride in a hot air balloon or live on the wild side and jump out of an airplane to skydive over the sandy terrain. For the water lovers shark and deep sea fishing, crayfish diving and beach angling are all available.
    On the outskirts of town, Swakopmund is home to one of five full green golf courses in the desert, the Rossmund Golf Course. Designed by Gary player, it is a unique experience as you might bump into a Springbok while you are looking for your ball.
    On a foggy day make your way around town to explore the unique art galleries, book shops and boutiques. Make your way to the Kristall Galerie (crystal gallery) where you can see one of the largest quartz crystal clusters on earth. Feast your eyes on dazzling gemstones, beautiful crystals and hand crafted designed jewelry. One of the interesting landmarks to visit in town is the Woermann House with its beautiful German architecture and tall tower overlooking the town. Another architectural marvel to visit is the Höhenzollern Building boasting a Victorian baroque style. Being the oldest town on the Namibian coast there is much to see and many a cozy café to have a cup of coffee and an apple strudel.
    The picturesque town of Swakopmund has something to offer for all. Whether you’re a tourist, a local or just passing through there will definitely be something for you here and odds are you’ll stay longer than planned once you’ve experienced the charm of this coastal town.