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    Mahango Game Park

    Namibia Travel Destination: Mahango Game Park

    Travelling through Namibia or even from Namibia to surrounding countries, between inland Namibia and the lush Caprivi Strip, an optimal and very unique area to visit is the Mahango Game Park. This protected area is extremely diverse and rich in vegetation, wildlife and landscape.

    The Mahango Game Park is situated in the North-Eastern Kavango in the flood plains of the Okavango River basin. It is part of the Bwabwata National Park and separated from it by the Okavango River and is a stone’s throw away from the graceful Popa Falls. The South of the park creates the border with the neighboring country of Botswana which houses the great Okavango River Delta.

    Situated in such an ideal location this small area of land is extremely diverse in all aspects. The vegetation contrasts from one stretch to the other displaying an animal-rich bushland area which digresses to a dense forest and indigenous woodland area. From there it pans out to broad flood plains with many streams and lakes that flood in the rainy season and cause reed surrounded marshes. This is a trip for a raw safari lover in a natural environment and only two vehicle tracks that run through the park. Have a picnic under one of the hefty, beautiful baobab trees in the area. You are free to get out of your vehicle but always be careful as the park is not without its predators. Lions, leopards and hyenas lurk in the area as you move towards the marshes hippopotami and crocodiles have made their homes near the water. There is no need to fear though as the majority of the wildlife are non-threatening and make for gorgeous sightings.

    During the dry season up to one hundred mammals can be spotted. Zebra, giraffe, warthogs, buffalo, cheetah, baboons, monkeys and all sorts of buck such as kudu, antelope, oribi, impala, waterbuck and reedbuck are all examples of wildlife you might see. You are bound to run into a herd of elephants anywhere in the park as it is part of their migration route from Angola to the Okavango Delta in Botswana during the dry months. The wet season provides an amazing bird watching experience. Making their homes in pans created by seasonal rain, almost four hundred species or two thirds of the bird species in Namibia can be spotted in the Mahango Game Park during this time.

    The Popa Falls

    There are plenty of beautiful river lodges which provide accommodation and if visiting the Mahango Game Park the rushing Popa falls nearby warrant a visit. More of a series of rapids or a four meter high waterfall, stacks of rocks interrupting the water flow create the Popa Falls which continue flowing into Botswana. The area provides activities such as fishing, canoeing, river boat cruises and safaris, swimming at the lodges and walking trails. Just relax after a game viewing day for a drink or delicious meal and listen to the soothing rapids nearby. For those that want direct access to the area from outside, there is a landing strip at Begani nearby.

    An area with such contrasting vegetation and so rich in natural animal life is not found in everyone’s backyard. It is a truly unique safari experience and also a splendid resting opportunity. Away from the maddening crowds, amidst unkempt nature and next to a river wonderland you can be transported to a lush getaway.