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    Namibia Travel Destination: Kaokoland

    The Kaokoveld is unexplored and will appeal to the adventurer who likes to get off-the-beaten-track.

    Big mountain ranges such as the Etendeka, Tonnesen, Hartmann and Baynes are found here. To the north you find the Kunene River which separates Angola from Namibia.

    Rain in the area is much less than in the rest of the country, but when it rains, muddy roads are everywhere. Even dry riverbeds hide soft traps of deeps sand, whilst the few which seem damp and hard may turn to quicksand within metres. This area is not recommended when you are without a guide.

    Opuwo is the administrative capital of Kaokoland. It has shops, a bakery, several garages, a large school and even a short stretch of tarred road in the centre of town. It’s found over a low hillside with no apparent centre. The outskirts fade into groups of round Himba huts and irrigated maize fields.