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    Kalahari Desert

    Namibia Travel Destination: Kalahari Desert

    Kalahari Desert is an enthralling, enchanting destination that’s surely will sneak up on every tourist who is in search of an African adventure, one who just wants to escape the rushed city life or who are just wishing to lose yourself in the wildlife and breathtaking scenery reflecting the beautiful,wondrous Namibia.

    The desert gets its name from the Tswana word Kgala, meaning “a waterless place”.  Its dust and grass reflections make your feel alone, but happy and satisfied.  Even if you might feel lonely and it might look like not much is going on, trust us, it’s a busy tourist attraction area.  A place where you will have a sense of awe of the deserts loneliness and silence.
    The beautiful area is known for its low-lying pans where eland, springbok, oryx and the iconic Kalahari lions come to their thirst.

    Experience unforgettable Kalahari sunsets and explore the wildlife in the concession area.  Leopards, cheetahs, rattles and brown hyenas are common in the area.  Be sure to have your camera ready as photo opportunities are extraordinary.

    Life in the desert is tough and the Kalahari is no exception, but there are a few tribes that call the Kalahari desert their home. The San, Nama, Khois, just to mention a few can be found here. There are a few heritage sites which can be visited in the Kalahari conservation where you can learn more about some of the cultures and experience their hunting skills.  From eating certain plant roots to carrying water in ostrich egg shells.

    Know that you will experience blue skies, hot sunshine days between the gigantic Acacia trees and open red sand grass landscapes.  The tracks of the vehicles are actually evidence of man-made goods that you will see here.  Some roads are narrow, but wide and well maintained, but are advised to drive a 4×4 and keep at the speed limits.
    The right mode of transportation can make all the difference in the world. We would recommend renting a four wheel drive vehicle.  Some locations in the red sandy Kalahari are in our opinion, meant to be explored with a vehicle that can handle the terrain.  And if you are truly adventurous rent a vehicle, with fully equipped camping gear. This is the best way to discover all the hidden places of this steppe desert. That freedom feeling of lying in your rooftop tent, gazing at the stars and listening to all the sounds in the Kalahari will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

    If you are not a camping enthusiast, make reservations early to avoid disappointment at lodges. Lodges in the Kalahari are exquisite.
    The Kalahari is one of the driest areas in the country, but has the most extraordinary campsites and Lodges.  Without a doubt a place where you will want to return once you have been here.
    Lodges offers guided scenic walks and interesting safari game drives that will make you feel as if you just stepped out of a Wildlife show you have seen on television.

    An adventure of beautiful roads is an experience with many stops and checkpoints where you can stretch legs.
    There is also little light pollution and the sky and the seclusion will make you rest.