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    Etosha National Park

    Namibia Travel Destination: Etosha National Park

    Etosha National Park is a wildlife paradise and Namibia’s top wildlife destination. It is home of no fewer than one hundred and fourteen mammal species, including the anti-social black rhino, the epidemic black-faced impala, lion, but also cheetah, leopard and hyena.
    The park is serviced with very well maintained roads. Renting a 4×4 vehicle will be the perfect way to enjoy this magnificent park. Having the luxury of renting your own vehicle would make your safaris so much more comfortable.  Mainly for the benefit of air-conditioning, extra comfort and height advantage.  And during rainy season there are a few roads that you will not be able to cross in a 2×4. So, we highly recommend paying a little extra for a 4×4 for making your worth while.
    And always keep in mind that the wildlife always has the right of way, so keep a good distance from animals as this is their territory.
    Etosha offers a few luxuries lodges and campsites to choose from. Haloli, Namutoni ,Okaukuejo, Onkoshi Camp and Olifantsrus Camp. Make sure to go to the waterhole where you can watch a family of lively elephants silently appear and hurry excitedly towards the water, lions lazing and gazing around in the shade, elegant giraffes loping across the road and herd of handsome springboks nuzzling each other affectionately.
    In the west you will come across Okaukuejo is the main resort in the Park and also houses the Ecological Institute from where the research and management of nature conservation are directed.
    Onkoshi Camp rooms are built  on elevated wooden decks allowing spectacular panoramic views. A favourite for those wishing to experience Africa at its wildest and friendly service.
    Olifantsrus Camp is a campsite facility only, is probably the first of its kind in southern Africa. With a double story hut in front of a man made waterhole for peaceful game viewing.
    The resorts have luxury and standard bungalow, en-suite rooms and a camping site. A lovely restaurant and bar with a sparkling pool where you can relax after a long day.
    If you either choose to camp or stay at any of the very comfortable resort, you will be sure never to forget this truely african experience.  In the twilight, as either dusk or dawn settles, ancestral voices appear to call over the immeasurable space, summoning the herds to drink.  The water hole is the focus of life.  Animals great and small gather here to drink, usually in the dapple light of dusk or dawn, and predator take full advantage of the abundant prey.
    When rain fall, the animals are more likely to scatter much further afield.
    During the dry months from may to about September, when water is scares, Etosha’s wildlife, such as giraffes, tend to congregate near water holes, truely the lifeblood of the wildlife,many of which are the only reliable source of water for kilometers.
    Despite the harsh conditions,this white endless shimmering expanse pan of Etosha boasts a rich and diverse bird life.
    The scopes owl emerges mostly as the light at Etosha begins to dwindle at sunset. They camouflage perfectly against mottled bark of the mopane tree.
    The Oryx, with its long arrow -straight horns and distinctive markings , is one of the larger antelopes found here. They cover terrain where water is limited and rainfall pitifully scarce. Oryx are able to survive for extended periods without actually drinking water.
    Etosha National park is set up different from other safari adventures especially for tourist to explore its fascination and allurement independently. Take amazing photos and return with unforgettable memories from your self drive adventure in Namibia.