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    Namibia Travel Destination: Caprivi

    Holidays to the Wetlands Paradise Caprivi,also called the Caprivi Strip, can be a great opportunity to meet the many and varied peoples of Namibia and experience scattered tribal village life.  Towns in this area are pretty small, but the people who populate them are naturally very warm and welcoming. Their way of living is no doubt a traditional one and meeting them will be an unforgettable part of a trip to this region.
    The Caprivi has much to offer the adventurer, 4×4 trails, boat trips along the waterways of one of the great rivers of Africa Zambezi, including extraordinary wildlife, as this area is virtually a game park.  The rivers form an impressive broad delta-type wetlands with channels and streams.  No doubt that this is a popular fishing destination to the local people.  Many angling competitions are also hosted here where the main catches are Tiger fish and bream.
    Mokoros, one of their traditional crafts by local wood carvers looks graceful floating down the rivers where hippos grunt visibly in the water. You can even have the option of exploring the rivers on a guided Mokoro-drive … and be sure to have you camera ready at all times because an odd hippo can burst out of the reeds any time.  But not to worry as guides are very experienced and respectful of the surrounding wildlife. This adventure will give you a wonderful perspective of locals who have used these boats for hundreds of years, mainly for fishing as fish are their main food source.
    We encourage you to come explore and discover this paradise.  You will not find such a magnificent and unique scenery and landscape anywhere else in the world.  Behind the wheel and comfort of your rental vehicle you can be like a true traveler ,exploring the Caprivi at hand,at your own whim and pace.  Such a self-drive experience in the open Africa will take you on an incredible 400km (248.54miles) trip through some of the most amazing rural landscapes and unexpected, all of the living things in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments, in the Land of the Brave.
    There are not many tarred roads. Mostly dirt roads that can become deep sand at times but for 4×4 rental this will be no problem at all.  And they offer a more comfortable driving experience, even on poor roads.
    There are a wide variety of tented camps, campsites and lodges to stay in the Caprivi Strip area. Most of which are build on the riverbeds , where your days will be spend by listening to the nature white noise of the running water and birdcalls. It is one of the best places to go birding in Namibia.It home to over 400 species of birds that live in from acacia woodlands and mopane forests, to floodplains filled with plant and animal. Hours can be spend enjoying the luxuriant bird life and not to forget the famously free-roaming elephants, large herd of dozens of Buffalos, Roan, Kudu, Impala, Warthog, Hippo, Zebra and Wildebeest.
    The Caprivi gives you a sense of timelessness at night time its almost as if you can touch ,feel the complete silence when darkness creeps in.  These magical sounds of the wild African bush veld, connects everything, with eternity and so much spirit and will reach into your heart and fill you with wonder.  The night sky is magnificent and impossible to miss.  You won’t find any city lights close by to dim the stars’ bright radiance and enjoying an open camp fire at your destination of choice.  Exquisite!
    This inspiring destination is an ultimate safari adventure!