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    Car Rental in Namibia

    Get off the boring sealed roads and see some rough terrain with our most popular 4X4 vehicles that are made for Namibian conditions.

    Rent a perfect car to explore Namibia

    Nissan NP 300

    Perfect for touring Namibia in comfort and safety

    From N$1220.00 per day


    Our 4×4’s are perfect for exploring Namibia’s marvelous landscape. With air conditioning, 2 spare tires and enough space for four people and multiple pieces of luggage, you’ll be navigating through the best Namibia has to offer in comfort and safety.

    All prices include VAT. Rates are subject to change.

    4 PAX

    Double Cab

    Manual Transition

    2 Spare Tires



    ABS & Airbags

    4x4 High and Low


    Full Camping and Rooftop Tent


    Option 1:

    • No insurance cover. Excess payable.
    • Excess: N$45,000.00
    • N$0.00 additionally per day

    Option 2:

    • Limited CDW. Excess payable.
    • Excess: N$20,000.00
    • N$180.00 additionally per day

    Option 3:

    • Limited CDW. Excess payable.
    • Excess: N$18,000.00
    • N$260.00 additionally per day

    Option 4:

    • Super CDW. Excess payable.
    • Excess: N$10,000.00
    • N$350.00 additionally per day

    Please see Terms & Conditions.



    A Deposit of 100% is required to secure and book the vehicle 30 days prior to arrival.
    A Valid Driver’s License, Full credit details/pictures.

    • 1 x Table
    • 2 x Camping chairs
    • 1 x Braai grid
    • 1 x Camp freezer
    • 1 x Cool box
    • 2 x Sleeping bags
    • 2 x Pillows
    • 1 x Rooftop tent
    • 1 x 6 Piece Cutlery set
    • 1 x Kettle
    • 1 x Spachela
    • 1 x Braai brush
    • 1 x Big spoon
    • 1 x Braai tongs
    • 1 x Lighter
    • 2 x Cooking pots
    • 1 x Cutting knife
    • 1 x Cutting board
    • 1 x Gas stove
    • 2 x Gas bottles
    • 1 x Fire lighters
    • 1 x Braai pan

    Book a car

      To be included: Satellite PhoneNavigation SystemAir-Compressor

      Things to consider

      There are many factors to take into consideration before renting a vehicle:

      • Your route: Most roads are accessible with a sedan vehicle but when travelling to Sossusvlei, Etosha, Kunene and Okavango Region we would suggest using a 4×4 Vehicle, The gravel roads are uncomfortable to drive on with a small vehicle and it is definitely a safer option going with a vehicle with traction control and heavy duty tyres.
      • A Vehicle with air conditioning is advisable because of our hot Days, temperatures can go to the extreme in the summer time.
      • If you are travelling in the raining season (November – April) some roads will be impossible to drive without a 4×4 vehicle.
      • The amount of passengers that will be in the vehicle, a large amount of accidents on our roads are because of overloading, we have 4×4 minibuses suitable for 4 – 7 passengers.
      • When you require camping equipment you will need to upgrade to a larger vehicle.
      • We know the roads in Namibia very well, before choosing a vehicle you can consult us for the simple reason we can get you the best possible vehicle fitting your budget, that will be the best for the roads and we will give you the best possible insurance options to cover yourself.
      • Windscreen and tyre damages to someone scratching the car.
      • Keep on the left side of the road.

      Things to avoid

      • Traveling at night as there are plenty of animals on and next to the road which makes it very dangerous for yourself.
      • Driving over 80Km on the gravel roads, they are slippery and it is easy to lose control of the vehicle.
      • Overtaking around a corner or before a hill, only overtake when you have a clear view of the road ahead and clear of any oncoming traffic.

      Suggestions from our side

      • Always keep your tank filled as distances between towns are usually long and easy to misjudge with the amount of fuel in your vehicle.
      • Always keep your lights on to be spotted easily from other vehicles.
      • Be insured for the vehicle and passengers.
      • Have 2 spare tyres if possible, punctures are common on our roads.
      • Take breaks when driving long distances, fatigued driving reduces concentration and is very dangerous.
      • Have a first aid kit for emergencies.
      • Try and take a satellite phone with if possible.
      • Have enough drinking water in the vehicle.

      These are very important factors to keep in consideration when travelling to Namibia and that is why we are here to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible.