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    Why Book with Us

    Plan with experts, travel with specialists

    We have been planning trips for 7 years now. We integrate the client’s needs and special requests into a smooth day to day trip to a new town or city for the number of days you want. This way you do a nice round trip to see the top locations in Namibia while doing the activities including air balloons, museums, local township visits and even kayaking with the seals. Whether you are on a honeymoon or having a family trip we cater your exact needs according to your preference. Our cars are fully equipped with rooftop tents so you travel and camp anywhere you feel like. All our trips are carefully planned for your enjoyment and safe travelling.

    Exceptional Destinations

    Our destinations are selected according natural beauty and wildlife with top activities. A mixed variety of dunes, Kalahari coastline and mountain peaks.


    Our Deon says it all, we do the planning you do the travelling. We setup your trip so that you chose your own style of accommodation from camping to Luxury units. Whatever your budget is we work around that. This allows you to travel at your own time from city to city taking in as much as you can.

    Expert Knowledge

    We have a group of experts all experts in different fields, and we all have been living in Namibia our entire lives. So with no doubt will you be consulted about the best possibilities to you and your family for an unforgettable holiday. We know where to take you so you don’t experience the typically tourist attraction but more detailed townships and way of living.

    Travel Services

    Our fully licensed travel company arranges from flights, shuttle services, car rental, accommodation, and yachts to a visit of the tribes. We will advise you on what is popular and a must see so you don’t miss out on anything.


    We will make sure that once you arrived until your departure you are booked on safe destinations. And for a more comfort mind we can book a tour guide to accommodate you on your travels.