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    Local Namibian Lingo

    The following words are typical local vernacular, influenced by Afrikaans – still largely the lingua franca – and other indigenous languages. Using these words will do much to improve your communication with locals:

    Aweh – Said in excitement. The word has many meanings and uses, including hello, goodbye and yes

    Bakkie – a Pickup truck

    Biltong – Dried and seasoned meat(like jerky), a popular snack

    Braai – a barbeque. Braaing – a National pastime that traditionally entails turning the meat with one hand while holding a beer in the other – is taken very seriously

    Bra/Bru/Boet – a Male friend

    Brotchen – a Bread roll, offered with different toppings, to be eaten as breakfast, lunch supper or snack

    Dorp – Small town

    Droewors – Dried sausage, sometimes eaten with biltong as a snack

    Efundja – Periodic flood in the Owambo regions, northern Namibia

    Eish! – An interjection expressing resignation

    Jol – To have fun, to party

    Koppie – a Small hill, not yet a mountain

    Just now/ now-now – Meaning anytime within the next 50 years other than right at this moment

    Kapana – Traditionally barbequed meat, usually sold in their townships and next to the road

    Lapa – The thatched outdoor shelter used for shade from the African sun or to braai underneath when raining

    Lekker – Nice, good, tasty, great, awesome

    Meme – respectful form of address for an adult female

    Oshana – Shallow pools and watercourses in the Owambo regions, northern Namibia

    Pap – Traditionally maize porridge

    Plaas – Farm

    Potjie – a Three-leggit cast-iron pot used for cooking stews over fire

    Robot – a Traffic light

    Shebeen – An informal bar that’s open for 24hours

    Sies – Expression of disgust, disappointment, annoyance

    Sussie/Sister – Female friend

    Smiley – a Goat or sheep’s head, cooked and ready for consumption

    Sosatie – Meat and vegetable skewered on a stick, usually accompanied by other meat on a braai

    Tate – Respectful form of address for a male

    Vetkoek – Deep-fried bread dough, often sold with kapana

    Wors – Spicy sausage for accompanying meat on the braai

    Yoh – An expression of interest

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