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    Things to consider when having a self-drive safari in Namibia

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    • Observe speed limit: 120km/h on tarred roads, 80km/h on gravel.
    • Take special care on gravel, which can be deceptively tricky – for example, braking suddenly may turn your vehicle over, while you need to slow right down at dips and even on gentle curves.
    • 4WD is advisable for gravel roads.
    • Keep headlights on gravel roads.
    • When overtaking on gravel, keep to the right-hand (opposite) side of the road for a good half-mile so the plume of dust from your vehicle does not obscure the vision of the overtaken driver.
    • Take two spare tyres, plenty of water and snacks.
    • Build in plenty of time for your journey.
    • Do not drive at dawn, dusk or night-time when animals are most active and may be crossing roads.
    • Watch your fuel and fill up when you can.
    • Keep emergency numbers with you. Mobile phone coverage is generally good.

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