Situated 836 Km from Windhoek lies the town Luderitz. Luderitz was founded in 1883 when Heinrich Vogelsang purchased Angra Pequena and some of the surrounding land on behalf of Adolf Lüderitz, a Hanseat from Bremen in Germany, from the local Nama chief.

Lüderitz began its life as a trading post, with other activities in fishing and guano-harvesting. In 1909, after the discovery of diamonds nearby, Lüderitz enjoyed a sudden surge of prosperity.

Luderitz Namibia

Today, however, diamonds are mostly found elsewhere and offshore, and Lüderitz has lost a lot of this interest.
The harbor waters are to shallow for ships to doc, that’s why the fishing industry moved to Walvis Bay.

Komanskop Ghost town

Just outside of Lüderitz lies the ghost town of Kolmanskop This previously bustling diamond town is now abandoned, and fights a constant struggle against being buried under the shifting sand dunes of the Namib desert.

Luderitz really are a spectacular town with amazing scenery, accommodation and true Namibian cuisine. Loads of history and exiting things to see.One of my personal favorite Namibian destinations.

ACTIVITIES: Luderitz festifal, Kolmanskop, Boat cruise, Diaz point, Oyster bars, Wild horses of the Тamib, Church visits and also visit the local market and the harbor.

BEST TIMES: October - July

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