Grootfontein lies on the B8, a Namibian National Road that leads from Windhoek to the Caprivi Strip, in the Otavi triangle. In Afrikaans, its name means "Great Fountain" - there is indeed a large hot spring near the town.
In 1885, 40 Boer families from the north-west of South Africa settled at Grootfontein. Part of the Dorslandtrekker, they were heading towards Angola. When that territory fell under Portuguese control, they turned back and tried to establish the "Republic Upingtonia" at Grootfontein.

Grootfontein namibia
Grootfontein is very green in summer but drier in winter. In spring, jacaranda and flamboyant trees bloom in profusion. The town has an old German Schutztruppe fortress from the year 1896, which today houses a museum that expounds on the local history.

Grootfontein Namibia Meteorite
Hoba Meteorite Twenty four kilometers west of Grootfontein lies the huge Hoba meteorite. At over 60 tons, it is the largest known meteorite on Earth, as well as being the largest naturally occurring mass of iron known to exist on the planet's surface.

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