If you’re looking for an authentic, unadulterated, and unforgettable game viewing experience, take a good look at Namibia. And of all the awesome options in this magnificent country, Erindi Private Game Reserve offers the widest selection of exciting species (in the greatest numbers), the most dynamic and informed guides, the finest cuisine, the best facilities, and the friendliest welcome you could imagine.

A New Lease On Life

In a previous life (in the 1970’s and 80’s) Erindi was an over-stocked and over-grazed cattle farm causing severe damage to the natural vegetation.
Owners Gert Joubert and his nephew Paul, phased out cattle farming entirely and re-introduced in fairly large numbers, numerous species that once occurred naturally in the area.

In 2007, the reserve was transformed into a nature conservation venture. The first challenge they faced as an eco tourist venture operation was gaining the trust of the previously threatened animals – and convincing them to allow people into their secret and mysterious world.

Erindi is one of the few places on the planet where people have the opportunity to evidence this special relationship with these incredible beasts, and expand on it.

Over the years Erindi has successfully transformed itself into a unique, best-practice eco tourism and conservation venture – constantly implementing and monitoring programs across all aspects of the land rehabilitation process.


Source: Erindi Private Game Reserve.

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